About this Policy

This Policy describes values and behaviours that, when applied across the sector, will build trust and help to ensure that data practices are focused on the wellbeing of people and communities.

These values and behaviours are represented as five Principles that have people and their wellbeing at the centre.

The focus is on relationships, rather than rules — a way of working that respects people, their information and their stories.

The Policy provides good practice guidance on how to uphold these Principles in four key areas. These Guidelines help organisations to understand and apply the Privacy Act in relation to these activities. However, this Policy goes beyond solely privacy matters to also think about ethical considerations when making decisions. Good practice requires that if, and when, agencies contemplate using people’s information, it’s done with the involvement, understanding, and support of the people impacted by those proposals.

The Guidelines will help agencies to:

  • be clear about the vital importance of purpose to collecting and using people's personal information
  • enable people to understand what’s happening with their information and what choices they have
  • make it easy for people to see and request correction of their information
  • work together for better insights and outcomes.