How does this Policy relate to other laws and guidance?

The Principles, and the associated Guidelines, don’t affect what can or must be done under laws relating to the collection, use or sharing of personal information (for example, the Privacy Act, the Oranga Tamariki Act, the Family Violence Act or the Social Security Act).

But they take the position that at times there are good reasons to go further than meeting the bare requirements of the law in order to build trust.

The Principles and Guidelines are consistent with the Privacy Act 2020. The Guidelines make it clear when they recommend good practice above and beyond the minimum legal requirements of the Act. Agencies are not legally bound by such good practice advice but are encouraged to follow it in accordance with the spirit and intent of the Principles.

This Policy exists alongside other guidance on the collection and use of personal information, such as Principles for the safe and effective use of data and analytics (.pdf) prepared by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and Stats NZ in 2018, but its Principles and Guidelines have been developed specifically with the social sector for the social sector.

This Policy focuses on those topics that the sector identified as particularly important to inform people's understanding of what's appropriate and what's not. This Policy considers these topics with the particular structure of the social sector in mind, and the vitally important services it provides.

Related laws and guidance, along with other resources that support this Policy, are detailed in References and Useful Links.