Why this Policy?

This Policy is about respectful, trusted and transparent use of people's data and information.

This Policy articulates what ‘doing the right thing’ looks like across the social sector in its collection and use of people’s data and information. What personal data and information people share, who they share it with and how they share it matters. People share when they trust but when data collection and use go too far, trust can be lost. Building and maintaining trust is key.

When agencies are transparent and tell people what will happen to their information, what choices they have, and how they can easily access their information — all in a way they can understand – people are empowered.

This Policy was developed by the sector for the sector. The social sector comprises government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other providers of services to support New Zealanders’ wellbeing across a range of areas including welfare, education, health, justice, child wellbeing, housing and disability support services.

This Policy refers to all such agencies and organisations as agencies.

Working with people who have the necessary understanding, capability and legitimate interest in the information, enables insights to be developed that lead to shared outcomes that improve the wellbeing of people and communities. This Policy recognises the value of working with people as equal partners and enabling a wider range of organisations to access, understand and apply insights for the benefit of their communities.

This Policy uses the word insights to mean non-personal information, including data and data sets, analysis, qualitative or quantitative information, statistics, research, reports or studies, that may support improved decision making.