Overview of Guidelines

Guidance to implement the Policy Principles, encompassing key topics and processes identified as important by the sector.

The four Guidelines describe the elements and characteristics of key activities in accordance with the Principles. As part of providing this advice, the Guidelines also help agencies to understand and apply the Privacy Act in relation to these key activities.

The key activities covered by this Policy are those identified by the sector as the most important ones that would benefit from clear guidance. You can read the four Guidelines in any order but the first one (Purpose Matters) has a key role. It responds to a key theme from the engagement phase summarised by the quote: "it all starts with WHY". Understanding this topic has implications for the other Guidelines.

Purpose Matters

The vital importance of purpose to collecting and using people's personal information

You can find a short video and a 2-page summary of this guideline here in the Toolkit.

Transparency and Choice

Enable people to understand what's happening with their information and what choices they have

Short video and 2-page summary here.

Access to Information

Make it easy for people to see and request correction of their information

Short video and 2-page summary here.