Policy Guidelines

During the engagement and design work to develop the Policy, the sector identified four main themes that would benefit from clearer guidance. The Policy Guidelines cover those topics in depth.

This part of the Toolkit provides 2-page summaries and a short video for each of them:

  • Purpose Matters: is about the importance of being clear about the 'why', when thinking about collecting or using people’s information, only collecting what’s needed, and about how collection or use of people's information could affect their wellbeing.
  • Transparency and Choice: is about enabling people to understand what’s happening with their information, what choices they could have, helping them understand the 'why', and what rights they have to access and request changes.
  • Access to Information: is about making it easy for people to see and request correction of their information.
  • Sharing Value: is about working together for better insights and outcomes, the importance of being inclusive to ensure that information used to create insights is relevant and usefully describes real experiences, and share insights that deliver value and improved wellbeing.