Policy Overview

The links below provide a single-page summary of the Policy, in PDF and Powerpoint format. The same summary appears below the video.


A 3.5 minute video that explains the Policy's key concepts, who it is for, and how it was developed.


Policy Overview

The following transcript explains what is happening in the animated video. The images are simplified so are not perfect illustrations or photographs. The transitions from one scene to the next flow smoothly, zooming in to focus on something specific or zooming out to reveal a wider context.

As you read the transcript, you will see the sentences that have been spoken by the narrator interspersed with the description of the video. The descriptions of the visual images and metaphors are in square brackets [] to help distinguish them from the narrator's words.

The transcript begins immediately below:


 [The word data is typed on the screen followed by a full stop.]

 It can be easy to forget that behind the virtual world of numbers

 [The scene zooms in on the full stop at the end of the word 'Data'. This full stop starts to move upwards in front of other dots, forming a line of data­. More lines join, in motion­.]

 And variables lies something very personal.

 [On ‘personal’, one of the dots stops moving and another dot bumps into it­.]


 [As the narrator speaks the word ‘Us’ the two dots join to form a heart­. The heart pulses and beats.]

He tāngata, the people.

 [Two people are formed from the heart.]

 The Data Protection and Use Policy exists to help those who help others,

 [Zoom in between the two people.­ The cover of the Policy becomes visible­. It opens up to reveal a spread with two hands on either side­.]

Understand what “doing the right thing” looks like, when collecting and using data

[As the spread fills the whole frame, the hands come to life and shake as the narrator says ‘doing the right thing­’.]

 From the people they serve.

 [The top hand releases brilliant ‘seeds’ of data down towards the lower hand­. Some trickle down like sand, some hover in space.]

 Because it’s essential to ensure the information of all people in Aotearoa is collected,

 [We zoom into this data seed ‘matrix’ so the hands disappear­. The camera moves through space dodging though the data seeds.­ Pause on a data seed to show a person in a data seed.]

 stored, accessed and shared in ways that are respectful, trusted and transparent.

 [The data seed with a person inside it, holding a baby, pans to a seed with a wharenui. The wharenui fills the frame. The roof, sides and floor of the wharenui morph into a trinity knot, symbolising trust­. The three rounded shapes then morph and collect into a circle which in turn morphs into a lightbulb.]

 The Policy has been developed under the kaupapa of togetherness

 [The light-bulb moves up, flashes­ then zooms out to show the light-bulb above 3 heads.]

 And so places emphasis on relationships, not rules.

 [Focus goes to the middle person who is now encapsulated in a circle. Other circles containing people pop up around them, with lines showing relationships­.]

 It recognises that data is not owned by the people or organisations who collect and use it,

 [Zoom in on one of the ‘relationship’ circles to reveal it is a small terrarium, a protective small glass dome containing the seeds of data­. Two more terrariums are added to the scene, slid in from each side­.]

 But that they share a responsibility for its care and correct use.

 [A hand comes and gently lifts the lid from the terrarium in the middle, as the seeds sink down into the soil below­.]

 Every action taken, and decision made with data,

 [We see the seeds below the ground and we zoom in on one. It cracks open and begins to sprout beneath the ground.]

 Should be with the following question in mind,

 [The sprout grows from the dark up into the light.­]

 “How does this contribute toward the wellbeing of the individual or community?”

 [More plants grow up around it­. The scene shifts, focusing on the sun above the growing plants, and then downwards to a map of Aotearoa New Zealand.]

 If your work is within the social sector, supporting the wellbeing of New Zealanders,

 [We keep tracking up to see the sun behind the plants­. Track down to see the plants are replaced by a map of NZ­. Zoom into a house on the map.]

 Then the information in this Policy has been created with people like you,

 [House rearranges into whiteboard showing three interlinked circles.]

 For you - and the people you are serving.

 [The whiteboard rearranges into hospital­. The doors of the hospital slide open­.]

 In particular, if you work at the front-line collecting data,

 [Zoom into the hospital to reveal a person behind a front desk, a person approaches and hands them a terrarium of data.]

 Are part of a funding organisation,

 [Three hands are shown, palms up.­]

 Or work to develop insights about the social sector -

 [The three hands are withdrawn and replaced by a hand with a jigsaw piece of data.]

 The Policy delivers practical, capability-building guidance

 [The hand pans to a computer with a jigsaw piece missing. The hand holding the jigsaw piece of data reappears and puts the jigsaw piece in place, completing the computer screen. Zoom in to the dots on the computer.]

 To help you recognise your role as kaitiaki,

 [Zoom in fast to a section of the dots that are in a ‘step’ format­. Legs enthusiastically skip up the steps and land on the top dot­. Pan up to see the face and body of the social sector person holding documents.]

 And empower people with choice, respect and clear communication

 [As if they are all standing around a circle below, different people rotate into frame, holding their own terrariums with data seeds­.]

 When it comes to their information.

 [Lands on last person holding their terrarium with data seeds­.]

 We heard from over one thousand voices across the sector,

 [The last person forms a speech bubble. Pan away to multiple speech bubbles in the air in four different colours.]

 Where four main themes were identified

 [The speech bubbles swirl in the air.]

 That would benefit from clear guidance. 

 [The speech bubbles reorganise into lines of colours: teal, purple, blue and green.]

 These have been presented within the Policy as the Four Guidelines:

 [The speech bubbles, sorted according to colour, fall into four separate bags.­]

 Purpose Matters is all about the why.

 [Zoom in on the first bag.­ A circle on the front of the bag turns around flips from ‘1’ to read ‘Purpose Matters’­ and quickly becomes the dot in a question mark­.]

 Transparency and Choice discusses engagement and empowerment.

 [Zoom back in on the dot of the question mark rotates and the text changes to ‘Transparency and Choice’­. The circle splits into two speech bubbles which slide out on either side.]

 Access to Information outlines people’s rights,

 [The two speech bubbles merge back into one circle. The circle rotates and changes to the text ‘Access to Information’­. The circle rotates and becomes a set of keys­.]

 And Sharing Value enables insights and collaboration.

 [The keys rotate into a circle with the text: ‘Sharing Value’­. And petals of a flower blossom around it­.]

 Watch the four additional videos in this series to find out more about each guideline.

 [A play icon appears within the flower as the petals rotate out of view and three more play icons pop out, all colour coded. We zoom into one of the icons as a gateway to the next scene.­]

 To help you adopt and implement the guidelines within this Policy,

 [A cursor hovers and clicks on the icon, which turns into a computer screen.­]

 An online toolkit has been created.

 [Zoom into the computer screen which turns into a door and door handle on the screen. A welcome mat reads: ‘Haere mai’­. Zoom into the front door.]

 This will be a rich, central, resource-centre

 [The front door turns into a play icon.]

 Housing videos, factsheets, checklists, agreement examples, case-studies and templates,

 [The icon rotates into the different symbols and lands on a template/document symbol.]

As the Social Wellbeing Agency and other agencies begin using the Policy in their work.

[Zoom back out of the storehouse, front door and out of the computer screen­.]

This Policy is our policy together

[It flips to portrait and becomes the policy ‘document’­ which is held above a person’s head.]


[Pan down, as the policy is brought down in front of a person, holding it to her chest.]

And as it is woven and applied within each individual organisation,

[Pan out from the person to three people, each holding the policy.]

The collective value for the social sector and the people,

[Pan out further to five people, holding the policy. Plants are depicted behind them.]

Whānau and communities it serves, is grown.

[Pan stops revealing full picture of people and plants.]

Start today, by visiting dpup.swa.govt.nz     

[Pan up from people, through the sky to the website text.]

 Respectful. Trusted. Transparent

 [Text of the website. Data flows in the air and the logo of the New Zealand Government and Social Wellbeing Agency depicted.]