Analysis, Research, and Evaluation

This part of the Toolkit will be relevant and useful for anyone who works with information that's from or about people, in order to understand more about them, their situation, and the services they rely on or may need in some way. It covers a broad range of activities such as:

  • Data/information analysis
  • Evaluation and research
  • Developing data portals and associated tools
  • Reporting and monitoring

This is a diverse group of people who have a broad range of functions and use a broad range of data and information – from requesting matched data sets from the Stats NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), to undertaking direct interviews with service users.

They are often decision makers about what data and information to use and have a key role in making sure the collection and use is fair, transparent and respectful.

Collaborating on the interpretation and analysis of data and information is also a key activity that people working in these areas can advocate for, and do.