Developing Policies, Services, and Programmes

This part of the Toolkit will be useful to people who are developing policies, or planning how to deliver those policies in the form of services and programmes, or in setting up new services or programmes in response to new ideas.

While not traditionally seen as “data” functions, these groups often focus on evidence-based decisions in their work. They are often significant and growing consumers of data or information that comes from, or is about, service users.

They have an important role in ensuring that this information is used in fair, transparent, respectful and trustworthy ways, and in taking steps to understand where it comes from, what its limitations are, and what the consequences are of misunderstanding or misinterpreting it.

They have a key role in collaborating with others to make sense of service users’ data and information, and to ensure it is used accurately. They can also be decision makers about what is collected from service users and why, in the process of delivering policies, programmes, and services.