The Consent Process, and Consent Form, are a critical step in providing service users with a respectful, trusted, and transparent experience when collecting information from them.

The core purposes of the consent process are to:

  • Explain what information you need, and why.
  • Help people understand their rights and how to use them.
  • Check that people understand what's happening with their information.
  • Enable them to ask more questions in the future.

There are three tools below, that support a richer understanding of consent:

  • Standard Consent Form: This is a standard form that contains many of the elements that social sector organisations should typically consider when designing a consent form and a process to support its use with service users.
  • Guide to the Consent Form: that's intended for teams designing their consent process and form what considerations might be useful to adapt this form to fit their context and need. [coming soon]
  • Understanding the Consent Process: that generally describes what's actually happening within the consent process, and how best to think about it in the context of the social sector. [coming soon]