Quick Check-in

This is a high level, one-page checklist that will help you focus on some practical actions that align with the Policy's advice.

It can be used in planning or reviewing a piece of work, such as an existing service, programme, or new proposal.

Use it as a team or group to think through what the Policy can mean for your work or a project. Adapt the checklist to make sense for you, your team, your organisation, and your work:

Quick Check-in

Use the questions below – answering ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Not applicable’ alongside each - to quickly check any collection or use of data or information about service users.  These are just some of the top-level concepts or actions to think about. 

Have you…

Made sure the purpose for using people’s data or information is clearly connected to improving the lives of individuals, whānau, communities or groups of New Zealanders?

Respected and upheld the mana and dignity of those whose data or information you use by…

  • listening to their views about what their data means to them?
  • including them in decisions about what you’re doing and why?
  • making a plan to let them know the results or outcomes of using their data or information?
  • guarding against data and information being misinterpreted, or used in a way that might reinforce prejudice or bias, especially sensitive information or information that has cultural value?

Empowered the people whose information or data you collect or use by…

  • giving them explanations about what data or information is needed, how it will be used and why?
  • giving them as many choices as possible over who sees their data and information and how it’s used?
  • making sure they can easily access their personal information and ask for corrections to it?

Supported trust and collaboration with others (e.g. other teams, agencies, professionals, cultural experts, frontline staff, community representatives) by…

  • including them in decisions about what you’re doing and getting their views on how reasonable it is in the context of the social sector, to use this data or information in this way, for this reason?
  • making a plan to share insights, findings, data, analysis back with them for their benefit and the benefit of those they work with?
  • building capacity and capability across the sector to use data and information safely and usefully?